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Who am I?

Welcome everybody to my website, I’m Justin, a college art student just here to share some of my journey with anybody interested in art as well. A little bit about me is that I am an avid painter, and am taught through classical methods. Prior to going to college, I never had any art training or experience except from the occasional doodle or attempt at a drawing that would never quite turn out right. The only reason I decided to go into an art program was I attended a vocational high school where I studied digital filmmaking for four years. In that time, I was a fantastic film editor and captivated by the special effects and computer-generated imagery (CGI) used in the movies and decided that was the path I wanted to pursue with my life. Once the college search came around, I would only look at colleges that offered some form of animation and decided on Monmouth University down the Jersey Shore as my top college choice.

What changed it all

I applied and got accepted and from there it was an easy decision to commit to this University. I went for my orientation and made my schedule and the curriculum makes everyone in the art department start with a Drawing I class and Basic Design and Composition class. I was freaking out because up until this point in my life, I never took a drawing class and knew nothing about any aspect of art for that matter. During the orientation to the department my first semester, I heard how many of the animation jobs were not always guaranteed or local for that matter. For some reason, this immediately turned me off to the idea of animation and I began taking some psychology classes alongside my art classes.

A change of heart... or two

That spring, I changed my major to psychology and figured I would pursue Art Therapy as a career path. Long story short, psychology I found out was not my cup of tea, and even though I find it extremely interesting, I decided art is where my heart was and I had a passion for it unlike anything else I could study in the world. I once again switched my major but this time to Fine Arts, where I get to study more studio art over anything else. I took my first painting class and I learned a similar technique to how Renaissance painters such as Leonardo da Vinci and other old masters would paint their masterpieces.

A New Found Passion

I soon discovered that not only did I love painting, but I was actually pretty good at rendering form and fell in love with the technique. I became hooked on painting, I spend a majority of my free time locked in my room, music blasting practicing and painting away. This turned out to be the best decision I have ever made, art has changed my life so much and only improved it for the better. As far as possible career options go, my next step is to go on to graduate school, get my MFA and hopefully go on to teach college so I can help some other kid find their passion for art and change their lives in the process. This is where I currently am, a junior about to be a senior in college, studying what I love and I hope I can share some of what I've learned and am continuing to learn with all of you. Thanks for joining me and see you soon! – Justin

Gallery of my paintings from Fall 2017- Spring 2018

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